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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A pregnant woman, Mrs. Mercy Chintua, has been arrested by the police in Enugu for pouring hot water on a neighbour.

Chintua was said to have accused the neighbour, Emmanuel Anyebe, of peeping at her while she was having her bath.

The incident happened on February 23 at Akwuke, Awkunanaw in Enugu State, where Chintua resides with her husband and where she poured hot water on the victim, Anyebe.

According to Punch, It was gathered that Anyebe was about to take his own bath when Chintua poured the hot water on him.

The victim was said to have sustained severe injuries as a result of the incident, and was taken to a hospital.

In her account to the police, Chintua said she took the action to punish Anyebe who saw her nakedness after peeping at her in the bathroom.

She said,

    “On that fateful day, as I was taking my bath, Anyebe peeped at on me while trying to gain access into the bathroom, and in the process, saw my nakedness.”

Chintua, who said she was angered at the invasion of her privacy, later heated a pot of water and when it became boiled, she poured the contents on Anyebe.

She added that she was sorry for the injury, explaining that it was the handiwork of the devil.

Anyebe reportedly lost consciousness as a result of the excruciating pain, and was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Anyebe also denied peeping on the woman.He said,

     “It all happened as I wanted to enter the bathroom to take my bath, only to be stopped by Chintua, who wanted to take her bath first.“I simply left after Chintua rushed into the bathroom to take her bath before I could do same.”

He added that he went to the woman’s husband to complain about the development, after which he went back to the bathroom to have his bath when Chintua had finished having her bath.

It was while Anyebe was taking his bath that Chintua poured the hot water on him.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Enugu State Police Command, Ebere Amaraizu, said Chintua was remorseful and had blamed her action on the devil.

He added, “The suspect is with us and has been helping the police in the investigations into the incident.”
No happy ending with Jim Iyke and Nadia...There have been speculations as to who Nadia Buari's baby daddy is..While many say it must be Jim Iyke, it is been reported that they broke up 11 months ago and she is now engaged to the father of her twins.

According to e.TV’s Vanessa Gyan, Nadia Buari gave birth in a hospital in Atlanta in the presence of her mother and brother and her fiancée showed up later.Her fiancee is reportedly someone she went to university with.
She also revealed on The Late Nite Celebrity Show that her sources told her Nadia and Jim Iyke broke up about 11 months ago briefly after he proposed. Jim Iyke is not the father of Nadia’s twins. Nadia is currently engaged to the father of her twins.

Worthy of note is the fact that, at the period when Nadia Buari gave birth in Atlanta,Jim Iyke was in Canada..
Your child having fun by drawing scribbles on one side of a well painted wall in your home? Lol...
Ghana's presidential jet, a Falcon 900, caught fire as it attempted to take off at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, the Ghanaian capital today March 3rd. According to a statement by Ghana Armed Forces, the fire was as a result of 'friction between the wheels & the runway surface.'

A spokesman man said the craft was on its way to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on a mission when the incident happened. The statement added that the crew experienced slight operational problems with the computer system as the jet taxied on the runway preparing to take off. As a result, the aircraft returned to the Air Force Base in Accra to reset the computers. But during the 2nd attempt to take-off, the “aircraft lost two main left wheels.”. The passengers were safely evacuated and no life was lost.
Police in Ebonyi state have arrested 38 year old Chidi Ejem, a PDP House of Assembly candidate in Ebonyi State over a murder case. According to the States Police spokesperson, Chris Anyanwu, over the weekend, hoodlums attacked some Labor Party supporters in the state and in the process killed one Udu Emegha, 36.

Police said investigations into the killing led them to the home of Chidi Ejem where cutlasses stained with blood, a gun and other weapons were found. Continue...

Anyanwu explains;

"A group of hoodlums numbering up to 23 were led by one Emmanuel Innocent from Amaigbo Etiti Edda and they besieged the house of the deceased and attacked him, beating him to comma. The said Udu Emegha gave up the ghost, later the team of police operatives rounded up the said Emmanuel and others in the house of one Chidi Ejem. Chidi is a candidate of House of Assembly and a 38-year- old man. The exhibits recovered include three cutlasses with blood stain, a single barrel gun and some expanded cartridges. The state CID has just commenced investigation into the matter and the cause of this murder will be unraveled. We have in our net Chidi Ejem, Emmanuel Innocent and 35 others. So far we have arrested 37 suspects in connection with the murder."
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan said Tuesday in Abuja that utmost care was being taken by the Federal Government to avoid collateral damage to the lives and properties of civilians as the military intensifies its ongoing offensive against Boko Haram.

    Speaking at an audience with the new South Korean Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Noh Kyu-Duk, President Jonathan said that everything possible was also being done by the military to avoid human rights violations in the theatre of operations in the North Eastern states.

“We are sticking to international best practices in prosecuting the war against terrorism and doing our best to ensure that we don’t have cases of human rights abuses in the North-East.

    “We are consistently monitoring the situation and have investigated previous reports of such abuse which were mostly blown out of proportion for political reasons.Our military has a reputation for discipline and we have insisted on that discipline and control for the safety of civilians in the North-East.

“The purpose of the entire operation is to save our people from the brutal tyranny of Boko Haram, so we cannot tolerate human rights abuses or willfully impose further suffering on them,’’ President Jonathan said.

The President also told Mr. Kyu-Duk that Nigeria’s entire security architecture was being reviewed, restructured and strengthened to ensure greater safety for Nigerians and foreign workers in all parts of the country.

    “We are inviting all our friends in the international community, particularly those that are more technologically advanced, to complement our efforts to build a more secure and prosperous country in which our people and foreigners can live in peace and safety,” President
    Jonathan told the new South Korean Ambassador.

The President urged Mr. Kyu-Duk and his Indonesian counterpart, Mr. Harry Purwanto, who was also at the Presidential Villa to present his letters of credence, to work for the strengthening of existing trade and economic relations between Nigeria and their countries.

The new ambassadors thanked President Jonathan for receiving them and assured him that they will do their best to promote stronger economic and cultural relations between their countries and Nigeria during their tenure in Abuja.

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser to the President
(Media and Publicity)
March 3, 2015
Indonesia is nearly ready to execute by firing squad nine foreigners and an Indonesian condemned for drug smuggling.
According to ABC news,they are four  Australians Andrew Chan, 31, and Myuran Sukumaran, 33, who are currently in a Bali jail, Raheem Agbaje Salami, 45, a Nigerian national who was born in Cordova, Spain, and 30-year-old Filipina Mary Jane Fiesta Veloso.

The four convicts being transferred, two Nigerians and four men from Brazil, France, Ghana and Indonesia will be executed simultaneously by a firing squad on the prison island off Indonesia's main island of Java.

The Nigerians face execution after their clemency requests were rejected by Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo last month, said Attorney General's office spokesman Tony Spontana.

They are Silvester Obiekwe Nwolise, 39, and Okwudili Oyatanze, 40, whose clemency was rejected after he was caught running drug transactions from behind bars.

Jokowi has received phone calls from some foreign leaders asking that the executions be canceled, but rejected their requests. He vowed not to grant mercy to drug offenders because Indonesia is suffering a "drug emergency."

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on Indonesia to "reciprocate" for Australia's $1 billion aid package after the 2004 tsunami by sparing his two countrymen.

Indonesia executed six drug convicts including foreigners in January. More than 130 people are on death row, including 57 drug convicts.
There was confusion on Saturday in the Ebute Meta area of Lagos State after a truck loader, Udeme Inim, 30, allegedly bit off his stepson’s ear.

The incident happened around 11am on Asaka Street, off Abule-Nla Road, Ebute Meta West.It was gathered that there had been a disagreement between Inim and his wife, which had led to the suspect assaulting her.

Punch Metro learnt that when the victim, Christopher Bassey, intervened, Inim left his wife and attacked him.

In the ensuing scuffle, Inim, an indigene of Akwa Ibom State, was said to have gone for the teenager’s right ear and bit it off.

Our correspondent was told that the victim was rushed to a hospital shortly after he reported the matter to the Iponri Police Station, but his ear could not be saved.Our correspondent saw the ear in a transparent nylon after sighting the victim in the Ebute Meta area on Monday.The affected part was bandaged.He said,

    “On that day, he was fighting with my mum and at a point he began to destroy some of our property. It was too much for me to bear.
    “So I tried to stop him and that was when he attacked me and bit off my ear.”

The police arraigned Inim before a Magistrate’s Court on one count of assault.Inim said,

     “I am employed. I work with Cross Country Company as the manager. It was the police that gave me the clothes in their station; it is not my clothes.”

The Investigating Police Officer, Sergeant Dibia Godwin, told the court that Inim had entered the station stark naked.

     “He works as a loader with Cross Country. On that day, the victim had first come to the station to report; there was blood all over him, he had to be taken to the hospital.
    “Shortly after, he (Inim) also rushed in. He was stark naked. He said he wanted to report the same matter and we wondered how he could say he wanted to make a report after disfiguring somebody’s ear. We had to get something to put on him.”
Former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu,has slammed former Minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode,accusing him of leaving the All Progressives Congress because the party refused to influence the EFCC to drop alleged money laundering charges against him.

Reacting to Kayode's claims that Tinubu would take over from Osibanjo as vice president ,if they win,the former governor said in a statement...

    “Bola Tinubu helped build the great platform for change; he wholeheartedly supports the APC ticket because he believes it is the last best hope to rescue Nigeria from the disaster Fani-Kayode and his ilk will want to continue.
    “I pray Nigerians will not allow them to misgovern us a day past May 29. If Fani-Kayode pretends not to know of Tinubu’s efforts to build and support the APC, it comes as no surprise. Fani-Kayode tried before to be part of the party but left when he found out there was no room for his games. Because the APC could not help to free him from the EFCC and the aviation fraud, he ran away to the party that blocked the EFCC on his behalf.”

“That Fani-Kayode is the best a ruling party can present as a spokesman speaks volumes about the PDP. They are bereft of talent and character. They are filled with lies and chicanery. Fani-Kayode is simply the worst and most outspoken of a bad lot. However, we welcome his interventions. They are of such low quality and base character. His utterances frighten people but not in the way Fani-Kayode intended.

    “Instead of scaring people away from the APC, his work scares people that someone so unfit is so close to the seat of power, someone so unhinged is given free rein to spit bile and call that public discourse. One must wonder who is unbalanced, the misfit or he who hires him. Keep at it Fani-Kayode. Continue!”

 “Fani-Kayode is not as smart as he thinks. If you read between the lines of his hysteria, you see another extreme sentiment: that of surging desperation. His statement indicates that even he now realises that his paymaster has lost to Buhari/Osinbajo.

    “The game is over. The whistle has blown. What the fantasy man seeks to do is change the game. He seeks to run against Tinubu in hopes the outcome will be better. Fani-Kayode now grasps at straws in the night wind.”
Boko Haram has released a new video which shows the executions of two alleged spies.

According to AP,In the video posted on Monday titled “Harvest of Spies,”  a man identified as Dawoud Muhammad of Baga city on his knees in the bush before several armed and masked fighters. In response to questions, Muhammad says a police officer paid him 5,000 naira ($25) to spy and promised to make him so rich he would never have to farm again. The other man is identified as Muhammad Awlu.

The video does not show the actual beheadings but the two bodies after the executions, with heads on the chests.Worthy of note is the fact that,the  video is similar  to that of the ISIS militants.
Tragedy struck in the Noforija, Epe area of Lagos State after a robbery gang stabbed to death a hotel manager, Oduwobi Olalekan.

The incident happened on Wednesday around 10pm in the 12/30 Hotel where the 40-year-old was a manager.It was learnt that the hotel is owned by a government official in the state.

Our correspondent learnt from an eyewitness and a resident, Semiu Abiodun, that the robbers had sneaked into the community without being seen by security men.

Punch Metro gathered that the hotel had an extension, which shared a fence with a building where Abiodun lived.The robbers were said to have hidden in the extension, which was still under construction.

Abiodun said,

     “I was watching television that night when I heard a noise as one of the robbers jumped from the extension into our building. There was a power outage, but my generator was on and my outside bulb was working, so I could see clearly.
    “Then I watched as he sliced my net. At that point, I shouted on him, and he jumped back into the extension where I believe the rest of his colleagues were hiding.
    “I ran out and raised the alarm and people joined me to shout and wake up those who might be sleeping.”

It was learnt that the robbers began hauling granite at the residents while they ploted their escape.

Abiodun said he went to the front of the hotel to inform and warn the hotel manager against the presence of robbers.

    “The hotel manager immediately went to the back of the hotel, while I went to a second street to mobilise more people.After a while, as I was standing on the street, one of the robbers walked past me and I couldn’t say anything for fear that he would attack me.
    “But after he passed, I shouted, ‘thief, thief, thief’ and he began to run,” he added.

The fleeing suspect, who had blood stains on his clothes, was said to have been apprehended.

He was reportedly found with a gun, and handed over to policemen from the Epe division.Upon interrogation, he was said to have led the police to the hideout of three other suspects.
The four men were identified as Rasak Babatunde, Abomeji Seun, Anthony Gbagbo and Tacqui Habbila.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Olalekan’s whereabouts was initially unknown and residents began looking for him that night.

He was later found dead at the back of the hotel, where the robbers had attacked him.

    “He was stabbed in different parts of his body and abandoned there. He was killed so that he would not expose the robbers,” a source said.

On Saturday, our correspondent learnt that the family of the late Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State indigene, took his remains to his hometown where he was buried.The Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident.

He said,

    “The man was the manager of the 12/30 Hotel. Five persons stormed the place and shot him. He was rushed to the hospital and he died on the way. Four persons have been arrested in connection with the case. We recovered a pistol from the suspects. The matter has been transferred to the State Criminal investigation Department, Yaba.”

Sunday, March 1, 2015

 A group posted the photos on Facebook and said the girl committed suicide after her boyfriend left her for her best friend. Do Nigerian ladies kill themselves over men? It happened somewhere in the South South. See the photos after the cut...

A 30-year-old woman, Mrs Bukola Olusegun, is now cooling her feet in a police cell at the Ekiti police command headquarters, following her arrest for setting her husband on fire.

Abimbola Olusegun, her 32-year-old husband, it was gathered, was doused with petrol and set ablaze by Bukola during a disagreement they had on Valentine’s Day, allegedly over the celebration of the day.

Mr Olusegun, said to be a commercial driver, had arrived at their home in Idolofin area of Ado Ekiti at about 6pm on February 14 to meet his angry wife, who was said to have warmed up for a face-off with her hubby, allegedly for failing to take her out for the fun of the lovers’ day.

According to a neighbour,

     “at about midnight, the husband suddenly ran out from their apartment and cried for help. He cried that his wife had set him ablaze. He was burning and was battling with the fire.We had to rush out to rescue him by quickly getting water and pouring it on him. But for the prompt intervention of some of us, he would have been burnt to death.”

The neighbour said he was taken to the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH), where he is still receiving treatment.

    “We also reported the incident to the Ado Central Divisional police station from where policemen promptly came to arrest his wife,” the neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, stated.

Olusegun is still in a critical condition at the hospital, with almost all his entire body affected by the fire as he was bandaged all over and a nurse at the hospital said

    “it seems that his penis was the main target of the attack.”

Nigerian Tribune
Fast rising Nollywood actress,Colette Orji shared her thoughts on the bible and sex with Vanguard..She said

“You know what the Bible and our parents taught us and also what actually is happening out there. If you want to listen to your parents or your Bible, you can wait till you get married. As for me, I don’t want to wait (laughing). I can’t abide by the Bible stuff on sex. Sex is something normal. If you know you are matured and ready and you can handle it then go ahead”.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The time was 7pm, penultimate Saturday. The venue was a hotel on Abaranje Road in Ikotun, a suburb in Lagos State. He adorned black denims on a black T-shirt. He said his name was Kenny, of course, he admitted it wasn’t his real name.

He sauntered into the hotel as if his main aim was to have a couple of drinks and maybe complement it with a plate of sizzling pepper soup.

    But Kenny didn’t just come to only have a drink, Kenny is first of all, a male commercial sex worker and was looking for a customer that he would ‘service’ in order to make a quick cash for the weekend. One of our correspondents got to know Kenny through a regular customer, who had been patronising the motel bar for a long time and who once had a close contact with him.

Being a regular face in the bar as the place seemed to be his office at night, his presence was certain, and indeed, he came, our correspondent waited for him.

It is no news that bars and drinking joints are the right spots for many on weekends, and being at the centre of a busy road, this hotel seemed like a right place for many. The music blaring from the speakers was good and loud enough to entertain even those who were not within the premises.

With the perimeter fencing well-illuminated, passers-by could as well be tempted to stop by and have a drink. But for Kenny, he came on purpose. On hand were some guys in crested vests with ‘security’ boldly printed on them to ensure law and order in the premises.

Not even the crowd and almost non-availability of chairs could dissuade people as some, including our correspondent, had to lean on a car for some time before he could locate a seat.

    “This is the way it is on weekends. Because a number of those who come here on weekends are in the working class, you don’t get to see them on week days, so, on weekends, the house is always full. Even at certain times, you may not have a place to sit, and the premises, including the car park, would be so crowded, yet, it’s safe,” Seun, who claimed to be a regular customer, told Saturday Punch.

But the loud music would not really be the only thing one would instantly notice, skimpily and scantily dressed ladies prancing from one end of the motel to the other would instantly hit your eyes as soon as you sit, stand or hang out anywhere near the motel.

    Of course, one wouldn’t need a soothsayer to know that the ladies are commercial sex workers, looking for customers for the night.
    Indeed, just as they are on the lookout for patrons, their male counterparts are not left behind.

Like Kenny, sitting at different tables, were young guys chatting, smoking and drinking and talking in loud voices. To the innocent eyes, they are just young men having a good time. But then, only a few would know that some of them are also commercial sex workers. They are available for women who are ready to have them in exchange for some cash.

Since the male sex workers may not readily own up or be identified as being available for ‘service’, one of our correspondents approached a female sex worker as if he needed a ‘quickie’ or ‘short rest’ so that in the middle of their chat, she could help in identifying a guy to service his ‘madam.’

    “Babe, how far now,” our correspondent asked. “I dey o, wetin dey happen?” she responded. Our correspondent introduced himself as ‘John’ while she gave her name as ‘Debbie’ who looked to be in her mid 20s.Our correspondent requested for a short service but that before proceeding to the room or the car, she would have to help in arranging a “strong guy” for his madam who parked outside the hotel.

    “I brought my madam here so I could ‘arrange’ a guy for her, but since I wouldn’t want to idle away while they would be having a good time, we can quickly do a ‘short rest’ before they would finish theirs. So you go help me arrange man for am. I mean guy wey strong well well o,” our correspondent had asked Debbie.
    “That one na small thing now, guys dey. Make we talk our own first. It depends on what you want or what she wants; maybe tall or short, fair or dark, they are all here and they are all very strong too. In fact, I have some that I can’t give your madam because they can ‘wound’ her. I hope say your madam go fit pay o and she go get body hold am,” Debbie responded swiftly.

She agreed to take N1,500 for the ‘short time’ service, with an agreement that our correspondent would pay for a room in the motel at the rate of N700.

    “For short rest, a room is N700 but if it is till day break, it’s N4,000, but if you give me the money, they can take N500 from me instead of the N700 because I’m a regular customer. I just ‘rested’ a guy now, so they know me very well, and there are many rooms we can choose from,” she explained.

When the deal was sealed, she handed her drink to our correspondent and dashed into the crowd to look for one of the male sex workers.

A few minutes later, Debbie returned with five guys, averagely in their mid and late 20s. On arrival, they introduced themselves, which sounded like aliases. Among them was Water, perceived to be a strong and qualified guy for the job. Others gave their names as TK, Segun, Uche and Charles, all looking set for work as they gesticulated occasionally.

While thinking of which of them to choose, they all promised to ‘deliver’ more than expected.

On a closer look, our correspondent had sighted one of them in the bar, smoking, drinking and dancing, all at once, but nothing would have given him away as a sex worker. Though he appeared like a ‘bad guy’, sagging his jean trousers as if his boxers had to be a part of the party.

After taking turns to explain how much they could perform, Saturday Punch learnt that the average amount the guys collect from any woman who needs their services for a short time is N5,000. It could be more than one round, but not for too long.

    “If it is till daybreak, we charge at least N8,000, and the woman would also pay for the room and a room costs N4,000 per night in this place unless she doesn’t want to use the hotel. We can go for as many rounds as she wants,” Water told Saturday Punch.

With an assurance that money wouldn’t be a problem as long as he could deliver and satisfy the madam, Water boasted that he had been doing it and ‘servicing’ big women for a long time and that he was very popular in the bar such that those who had been patronising the hotel knew him for his strength.

    “It’s been a while I started doing this thing, even before I came here. And the truth is that the more you do, the better skilled you become. So chairman, relax, madam go enjoy my company. In fact, because she is a new customer, I can give her discount and she should just give me whatever she has afterwards. I’m sure if she enjoys my service, she would come back looking for me.

    “Ask them, all of them know me, and they know that I don’t disappoint. If she says we should go now, I’m ready, no stopping till mama calls,” he assured.

When our correspondent selected Water to meet the madam, who had been waiting outside in her car, his face beamed with smiles. He teased his colleagues, saying he had caught another big fish.

He almost led the way when it was time to go, basking in some euphoria. It was while walking to the car that he told our correspondent that he had been cash-strapped for some time. He said he would give his best so that he would be rewarded handsomely.

    “Some of the big women I have ‘serviced’ before still call me till date, and once you do them well (sic), they won’t want to lose you. They can even call you to meet them anywhere and they would pay,” he added.

On getting to the car where one of our correspondents pretends to be the ‘madam,’ Water expressed a little reservation before going into the car alone with someone he had never met before, but with assurance that nothing would happen to him, he jumped in.

But then again, once inside the car where ‘madam’ was waiting to ‘bargain’ with Water, the young man’s confidence waned a little as he kept looking from one corner of the car to the other, apparently looking for what would give away the correspondent as not being real.

Asked why he looked tensed, Water said, “Sorry ma, it is not as if I am not used to this. But then again, I have to be careful. You know that this is not common. We are aware that women come here and ‘take’ our ‘destinies’ once we sleep with them. The money that we ought to make would be going to them.”

But ‘madam’ quickly assured him that his fears weren’t necessary by telling him, “I am not looking for a boyfriend. The guys I had dealt with stole my money and broke my heart even when I gave them love. I just want somebody I can have sex with and that is just that. I don’t want my heart to be involved at all.”

Satisfied with the explanation, Water quickly boasted about his sexual prowess.

    “Ah! Madam! I will do you well. In fact, if I ‘handle’ you, I am not sure you would want to let me go. Just try me and you would find out that you have been dealing with the wrong boys.”

And of course, he didn’t waste time to tell ‘madam’ that he would charge N15, 000 for the night for his ‘services.’

    “Madam, if na TDB (Till day break), na N15k I go take o, I no charge you. No be so we dey even collect. E get some people wey dey charge N20k. Last week, na N25k one woman pay me. I just like you as you set, na why I wan collect N15k.”

The bargaining eventually ended at N7, 000 for the night but Water insisted that he wouldn’t be the person that would pay for the room.

    “A room in this hotel is N4, 000. You will be the one to pay for it and my own money will be N7, 000. Na the last price be that.”

Apart from the money ‘madam’ was willing to pay, the young man had some other ‘conditions’ attached to his services.

    “Madam, if you no wan make I use condom, that one will cost you extra. The N7k is with condom o. Without condom dey sweet pass and na why we dey charge extra N2, 000 for that.
    “Madam, you go first ‘ginger’ me well. Then we go come play. Na you go ‘ginger’ me before we play, otherwise my body no go fit stand.”

When our correspondent assured him that he would be ‘gingered,’ Water was all eager to set the ball rolling.But our correspondent told him he would have to wait for her the following day, that she had just come into town.

Before they departed, ‘madam’ asked Water if he had other people who could ‘service’ her friends and he replied in the affirmative.

    “We plenty nah. Ha! Should I call somebody for you now? Is your friend on her way? This is what we do. We are ‘hustlers’. Na so we dey make our money, we no be thieves and we are not criminals,” he said.

When asked if he would agree to a monthly or weekly allowance, Water agreed but not without saying,

    “Madam, the first night, we must do it here o. I am still not sure of you. So we have to use this motel first. Then, if you want me to come to your hotel later, I would agree. That one na small thing.”

While Water and ‘madam’ engaged in serious bargaining, Debbie appeared, seemingly impatient to have our correspondent, her ‘early customer’ all to herself. With a little tip, she agreed to stay for some time until the conversation between Water and the ‘madam’ was over.

    “That guy is good if your madam can pay. I have slept with him before and he almost spoilt my tool of business. He took me home for ‘daybreak’ and I could barely walk the following morning. My legs were weak and I could barely walk home, and he still appeared very strong after all he did through the night. Even though he paid me N6,000 for the service, I can’t sleep with him again,” Debbie narrated.

Debbie assured our correspondent that the chosen guy was a very strong ‘sex machine.’ She explained that the guys who do such are not always greedy about the money they want to collect because she had arranged guys for some women earlier, including the one she did for a woman the previous day.

    “The woman called me this morning to appreciate me for giving her a good guy. She told me the guy was very good and capable,” she added.

When asked whether there were enough men that could satisfy as many women that might come in a day, she hissed in amazement, saying they were more than imagined.

    “Some of those guys that you see hanging around are available for service, whether for short time or TDB but you won’t know they do such, you know how our society be now. Unlike our own, so they can’t really do much to present themselves as available. Besides, some women are too shy to come here but since here is safe and there is accommodation for just N700, they feel safe to do it here,” she said.

After a little familiarity, she confided in our correspondent that she had a beauty salon but that since business had been bad, she went into commercial sex to augment her income, more so because it doesn’t affect her work in the afternoon.7

     “But if any of my customers calls me during the day, I will oblige him as long as he’s ready to pay,” she added.

While our correspondent promised to get back to Water the following day, he gladly gave out his number as he pocketed the N1,000 gift given to him to buy himself a drink. He however added that he would be expecting a call, beaming with smiles as he walked away.

While the conversation lasted, some of the other guys had been moving up and down around the car, hoping the ‘madam’ would need them as well. And, on the other hand, Debbie had stormed out of the discussion with our correspondent out of impatience, complaining that she was losing money as she stood outside chatting, but not without a cash gift as well.

Culled from Punch
Residents of Obele community in Oko-Agbola, Magbon area of Badagry, Lagos, were taken aback at the sight of policemen at the site of a swimming pool around the area on February 13, 2015. However, before their arrival, a crowd had gathered to watch the bloated headless body of a man in the river. At the approach of the policemen, the crowd disappeared into thin air for fear of possible arrest.
On closer observation , it was discovered that the headless man also had other parts of his body mutilated. For instance, his two breasts were slashed off, his two wrists chopped off and his chest region dissected, revealing a conspicuously deep hole. Not only that, his stomach was also discovered to have been sliced open with the intestines missing, as well as his manhood.

Before the arrival of the policemen, the crowd reportedly tried in vain to fathom the true identity of the headless man who was dumped in the river, stark naked. However, the nut has been cracked by operatives of the Homicide section of the State Criminal Investigations Department ,SCID, Panti, Yaba, following the arrest of a Muslim cleric , otherwise known as Alfa.

The 27 year-old suspect, Alfa Fatai Aderomu, an Arabic teacher popularly known around Oko-Agbonla area of Magbon, is currently cooling his heels inside the dreaded cell at Panti. He gave a shilling account of how the headless body found its way into the river.


    The headless man was later discovered to be one Rafiu Suleiman , a father of one, who also lived around the area. Further checks showed that he left home for his place of work in Apapa on Valentine day, February 14, 2015, but never returned. Apprehension reportedly set in next day following his continued absence, a development that led to his family reporting at Morogbo police division the next day.

    Search, as gathered, had been conducted round the area, with visits to hospitals and mortuaries but he was not found. His wife and their 3-year-old baby were said to have waited in vain for the arrival of their 41-year-old bread winner, until news about the discovery of a headless man in Obele river reached them.

Crime Guard gathered that members of the family were invited to ascertain whether the headless body was that of the missing Suleiman. While they were at it, the wife reportedly called a member of the family who was with the Police on phone, informing that her husband had informed her on Valentine day that he would stop by Alfa Aderomu’s place on his way back.

    With that information, operatives of the Homicide section led by the officer-in charge, Mr Iyamah Daniel, a Chief superintendent of Police, stormed Aderomu’s apartment located at 32, Oko-Agbola street,where he was seen teaching children Arabic and Islamic studies. He was subsequently apprehended.
    Spokesman for the Lagos State Police Command, Kenneth Nwosu, who confirmed the arrest, revealed that when a search was conducted round the cleric’s apartment, a pair of blue Jeans identified as the one worn by the victim was found in a nearby bust opposite Alfa Aderomu’s house. On further interrogation, he reportedly opened up by saying that he administered a concoction on the deceased that fateful day which led to his death, right in his apartment which he shared with his wife and five children.

 In an encounter with the Oyo state-born suspect, he gave a terrifying account which could be likened to a horror movie, of how the victim whom he claimed to be his client, died and how he was dumped in the river. Hear him:

    “ Rafiu Suleiman (deceased) was a friend and a client for two years . He usually came for spiritual cleansing. Yes, I have been an Alfa ( Islamic cleric) for 15 years.I own a mosque where I teach children Islamic and Arabic studies.

    I also administer treatment on strange sicknesses. Also, I prepare concoction of favor, success and quick sales for my clients. On February 14 , 2015, Suleiman called me on phone to inform that his child had dislocated his arm. I told him I could prepare medicine that would heal him. That morning, he came to my house and dropped N2000 for the preparation of the medicine intended for his child.

     On his way back from work, precisely11pm, he came to my place and demanded for an earlier concoction I prepared for him. It was for favor. He said he needed it in order to gain his boss’s favor at work. He worked as a crane driver. After preparing the concoction, he took it . That was 12 midnight. By then, he said he could not go back home, that it was late. At about 2am, he started complaining of stomach ache. I gave him palm oil, after which we both slept.

At this point, the suspect paused , shook his head intermittently and cast a stare at this reporter as if he was in a trance. After a long silence, he continued:

     “ I woke up at about 4am. But by the time I shook Suleiman to wake him up, he was cold. I shook him vigorously and at the same time called out his name but there was dead silence.”
    Crime Guard asked if his (Alfa’s) wife and children whom he said occupied one of the two bedrooms were not attracted by the noise, he replied: “ No, I did not shout that loud . Immediately, I picked my phone and quickly dialed the number of the Chief Imam of Obelle community (name withheld). When he came, he suggested we should take the body away from the house in order to avoid prying eyes.”

Alfa Aderomu stated that the body was cut and and packed into two bags of rice and thereafter, taken to a bush along the street. From his explanation, it seemed the Chief Imam came prepared for the dehumanizing act, as according to him:

    “ When we reached the bush, the Chief Imam brought out a knife and cut the two wrist s and the head.

    He hid them somewhere in the bush with a promise to come pick them later. Next day, we called another cleric named(name withheld) on phone. On arrival, we discovered that came with another cleric(name withheld) . They dissected the chest and removed the heart . They also cut the stomach and removed all the intestines. They further cut off the breasts and manhood.”

Asked what part of the body he collected, he said ,

    “I did not collect any part”. Also asked what they intended doing with the body parts, he said : “ I believe they either wanted to sell them or use them to prepare concoction for fertility , stroke or other illnesses.’’ Continuing, he said : “ We, thereafter, pulled his clothes and pants before dumping him inside the stagnant pool . Our intention was to prevent his death being linked to me. I did not plan to kill him.


    How could I plan to kill Rafiu Suleiman who was like a brother to me? I have prepared several concoctions for him and nothing bad has ever happened. What actually killed him was the powdery substance I added in the concoction. I believe it was too much. That was why, when he complained of stomach ache, I quickly gave him palm oil.
    I didn’t know it would kill him. Since I became a cleric, such calamity had never befallen me. I had to call my colleagues because I was confused. I did not know they would end up complicating my problem,. If I had known, I would have called his family or even raised alarm.

When asked what the earthen port with burnt substance which was recovered inside his apartment was meant for, the suspect revealed that it was a concoction for success which was at the verge of being prepared for a client. According to him:

     “ The burnt substance were in different denominations of naira I added some ingredients to it before burning them. It was at the last stage of preparation when I was arrested.
    The last stage would have been the killing of a ram for the blood to be added to the burnt materials. Thereafter, the ram would be cooked and shared to people. It was meant for a client who wanted to be successful in his business”, he said , insisting however that his intention was never to kill his client.


    As at the time of filing this report, operatives of the Homicide section were on their way to recover the head of the victim from where the suspect said it was kept. Also the Chief Imam of the community alleged to have cut off the head and wrists was said to be on the run. But the Police stated that they were on his trail, assuring that they would get him.
Terry G has opened up in a new interview with Punch on why he won't lose his crazy image, marriage and setting trends
On Marriage

    It will happen very soon but it takes planning and much more. Ironically, I am facing a lot of pressure regarding marriage but it is not from either of our families. The pressure is from outsiders. I want to work hard and be stable. I want to work to the extent that I would not rely on music because I do music for fun. Everybody knows that she lives with me and I am already living like a married man.

Why do you like being controversial?

    It is what sells. I am not the rave-of –the –moment artiste but I am still very relevant in the industry and it is because I am controversial. I love the controversy. I like making people talk.

People are of the opinion that since you became a father, you have calmed down in your lifestyle, do you agree to that?

    Yes it is true. Anybody that has a child must calm down, it is a general thing. Once you have a child, you must become a responsible man. That is when people would know that the madness is deliberate and it is just being done to make money. My son is a British citizen and he is going back to school in London in March. This is to show people that I know what I am doing. The craziness is what puts food on my table and money in my bank accounts. There are people that support and love it.

Back then, you pierced your entire face, why did you eventually remove the studs on your face?

    I stopped because I already set the pace and everybody is piercing now. I will still do something that they will follow.

What is the most expensive fashion item you own?

    It is my jewellery but I cannot say the amount I bought it for security reasons. They are investments and even my earring is gold.

What kind of clothes do you feel most comfortable in?

    I love looking hip-hop. Dressing is a style and there are so many reasons I am not on a billboard. I will not cut my hair for any reason neither would I change my brand. I cannot lose this image because of my fans and I love them so much.

Why do you like wearing bright coloured clothes?

    I like flashy colours because of the kind of shoes I wear. I like blue, red, and green. I like colours a lot but I do not like pink. I believe pink and purple are colours for homosexuals

What fashion item can you not leave home without?

    That would be my jewellery. They call me Mr. Bling Bling, I started it.

What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made?

    There was a time I put different colours on my hair at once. My hair was multi-coloured and I looked like a masquerade. It had yellow, green and red. That was a big fashion regret but I just wanted people to talk about my brand. I just started out back then.

Since you portray craziness with your brand, can you do that hairstyle again?

    Never, God forbids.